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Why use a Contractor?

Supplementing your core staff with contract hire of skilled workers has become the most efficient method of staffing projects. Using Contractors means you pay for staff only when you need them. The cost savings, skill efficiency and flexibility are yours whether you are recruiting for a period or covering work overload.

In today's fast-track environment many companies opt not to employ Sub-Contractors on a direct basis, leaving it up to Recruitment Specialists who are in the business of staff search and selection.

Our charge is inclusive of Payroll Tax, WorkCover, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Superannuation, Holiday and Sick Loadings and Administrative costs. There are no hidden 'travelling' allowances, 'shorter working week' allowances, or other extras.

Skill. Research has shown that Contract Workers find changing environments stimulating. Being involved in a variety of assignments provides an opportunity for Contractors to update their knowledge and skill base, the benefits of which are passed onto you.

Efficiency. Contractors are paid only for the hours worked, and have a professional commitment to their output, providing you with an efficient service. There is no training required and minimum supervision is needed.

Flexibility. Individual assignments for Contractors vary and may be for as little as one day, or extend to many months.

Overload. Organisations use Contractors during times of erratic work overloads and as a temporary option prior to permanent placements to minimise disturbance to productivity.

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