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Australian Consumer Laws

There  has been recent changes to “Australian Consumer Laws” that stand as of 1st January 2011.

In particular the section which I’m sure is of interest to you is Section 42 – basically section 42 deal with “Unsolicited Services” is likely to have an impact upon the practice of “floating resumes” with terms of business attached and then the employment agency claiming a fee if the candidate later gets a job – it states;

“If a person, in trade or commerce, supplies unsolicited services to another person, the other person is not liable to make any payment for the services”

It is likely to be cases where the floating of resumes may amount to a supply of “Unsolicited Services” It should be noted that there is a privacy issue with agencies that “floating” candidates resumes without their prior knowledge or approval.

We have now become concerned for around the past 10 years of ‘agencies’ floating resumes without the Client requesting such and nor has the prospective candidate been made aware that their personal and employment details are being canvassed all over the place. You may have had incidents where this may have occurred to yourself. This can have a detrimental affect on your ability to obtain suitable employment.

Contract Personnel has never and never will ‘float’ candidate’s resumes without the candidates approval of where we are sending your resume. We suggest that you also ensure that agencies with whom you may deal with also extend you this courtesy.

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